Friday, July 22

Cedar Linen Closet

On to yet another afternoon project... Creating a linen closet out of a cedar wardrobe.  This beautiful piece has been in our master bedroom for 2 years with very little actually stored in it (because we hung all of our clothes in our walk-in closet), so in order to get more use out of the piece, we decided to make a slight (non-permanent) change to the inside.

Here's the inside before:

What you can't see in the picture is the rod at the top for hanging clothing and the stack of blankets on the floor of the wardrobe.

This house does not have a linen closet, so we have been stacking linens on shelves in both guest bedroom closets and on the floor of this piece (ie. all over the house!).  So to unify everything and bring it all to one place, my hubby added shelves for all of our extra sheet sets, pillowcases, heavier blankets, beach towels, etc.  The great thing is that if we ever decide to put it in a guest bedroom in the future (and actually use the rod at the top), it is as easy as taking the shelves back out.  Love it.

So here's the after with all of our linens neatly folded and organized (so much easier to find something when we need it now!):

So what quick projects have you been up to? Have you converted a piece of furniture recently?

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  1. I love that cedar wardrobe!!! :) Beautiful! Where ever did you find it? I want to put something like that in our nursery at some point.